Vadivelu begged income tax officials

IT raid at Vadivelu’s house is well known to all. What was recovered by IT officials from his house is a secret and Vadivelu’s request to them is another top secret.
While the secret about the documents recovered from Vadivelu’s house is not revealed, Vadivelu’s request to IT officials has leaked out now.

Vadivelu, who is in his 50s, is maintaining a status of a 25 year old. IT officials who went for search of black money were shocked to find few small kids running in his house calling Vadivelu as Thaath-thaa!!! When enquired, IT officials understood that the smaller ones are Vadivelu’s grand children.

When the raid was over and the officials planned to leave the place, Vadivelu begged them not to reveal this family secret out!!!

How ish ittu?



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