Vadivelu absconding on Land cheating case

Vadivelu absconding

The Police are reportedly on the look-out for comedian Vadivelu in connection with an inquiry. Sources close to the comedian reveal, on condition of anonymity, that the ace comedian had gone ‘underground’ fearing interrogation and subsequent arrest by the police.

Pazhaniappan, a retired bank manager, lodged a complaint with the Commissioner of Police, Suburban Chennai a few days back alleging that comedian Vadivelu had committed a ‘fraud’ on him in a land deal. In connection with the case, the police wanted to enquire Vadivelu and his wife Visalakshi. When the police went to his house to issue summons, they found the house locked and couldn’t locate the whereabouts of Vadivelu.

Queries with his assistants didn’t reveal any information on where Vadivelu is put up, say the police. Calls to Vadivelu’s mobile phone only met with the reply that the instrument had been ‘switched off’. The police are now gearing up to interrogate fellow comedian Singamuthu, who reportedly brokered the land deal in favour of Vadivelu when they were on friendly terms.

Singamuthu has agreed to cooperate with the police, it is learnt. “I did help him in acquiring some land. Vadivelu never used to register the lands he acquired; he would purchase the lands in some other ‘benami’ name and would keep the unregistered documents with himself. After some days, he would call us and get the documents registered in some unknown names,” said Singamuthu.

Meanwhile, a police team has reportedly gone to the Madurai residence of Vadivelu.



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