Upset Karunanidhi family warns Trisha

Whose the hero?
Whose the hero?

Deviprasad the music director responsible for his gentleman act on the music launch was floored by Trisha’s gorgeous looks; he has a lot to worry as of now we hear the mighty Udhayanidhi Stalin is seeing Trisha. We all know Red Giant Movies inhesitant move to make 2 films with Trisha,for the facts,  Kuruvi and Manmadhan Ambu.

Reportedly Trisha faced threats from M Karunanidhi himself and a member of his family (to be more specific Stalin’s father), in concern for Udhayanidhi Stalin.

Rumors are that blind in the mistress love Udhayanidhi Stalin went ahead in the making of Kuruvi with her as a heroine and everyone knows how it sunk at the box office, to add to the misery Manmadhan Ambu in Tamil and Manmadha Baanam in Telugu cost the producer a whopping Rs.30 crores.

Stalin’s family feels that Udayanidhi is not concentrating on his profession and the immediate reason for all the losses is Trisha.

For now all we can say is we still have to figure out who it was really for that Udhayanidhi gave a thumbs up.Was it Kamal Haasan’s movie he was aiming a market for or a request from sweetheart Trisha. We will surely find out soon, and you will be the first ones to know if you are on board with us.

Trisha you surely need to get out of the mess. No one upsets the CM, you surely know of his reputation.

As for Deviprasad we wish him all the best in his future efforts, hoping for emotion filled love songs the next time, just like the tune Whose the hero? Whose the hero?



  1. Rasi

    Nalla venum… Thatha kajanavulathan Tamilnadu paname irukku…Ke Pu….Apparam ennada kavala…. Hope he make so many other movies like that and loose all is illearned money….

  2. gal

    i tot dmk was better than admk? which is really better? sorry i living singapore so i dunno.. then both also gone-case parties ah?

  3. YES

    Udhayanidhi was also in the cruise that went on shooting. Why . Already the legend Kamal takes care of his heroines. Then why again this small dik guy. Trisha 4 some aa with kamal , Udhayanidh sangeetha and u. 
    njoi mamu unn katulaa malai 

  4. aravind

    what the fuck is with u Mr.Karunanidhi and Mr.Stalin……all over tamilnadu people know u and u r son r very big womenziers…why u dodging trisha??/did she refused to sleep with u guys??//if u like to control better keep it with u r fucker udyanidhi….go and die u bastards………i wish these guys to die of aids

  5. sano

    trisha so gorgeous, the wun. and is not trishas’ fault manmadan ambu is a not a great film, the good thing is actors and location

  6. aravind

    MMA is strictly for arivu jeevi like Kamal…i cant understand the climax though i have watched the movie couple of times…..i donno what is the reason for Ambu to fall fo Mannar!!!!!!!!!!!the movie is very hectic when nearing the climax……i just wonder why kamal always choose 2 lady pairs for him in most of the flims…his first wife would be dead and he will just lives with her memories…starting frm Vetri vizha till his recent MMA he uses the same theme….would any of u guys plz explain me why he is doing like that

  7. arya

    More than this, no one cant understand how come Madhavan choses Sangeetha in the end. His family rejects Trisha then hoew come they will accept Sangeetha who is a divorce and with two kids. The movie is totally confusing

  8. jai

    Manmadhan anbu is a total flop.. sema kadi climax vera .. all of a sudden madhavan jumps on sangeetha ! so stupid.. so sick.. Film + Politics == kachada! therinjathuthaane!

  9. SSS

    dei dubakoor why r u putting Mr for both these bastards. after may elections kambii thandee for ur whole family

  10. R.Gopi

    மன்மதன் அம்பு, விருதகிரி என்ற இரு மொக்கை படங்கள் இந்த வருடம் ஆஸ்கர் விருதுக்கு போட்டி!!

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