Endangered lizard gets Udumban a ban

Udumban release halted

Endangered lizard gets Udumban a ban

The flick Udumban has a lot going for it. The posters for the movie show the hero strangling a poor lizard, what almost represents a commodo dragon. However the victory claps for getting the dangerous lizard under control won’t last long, as a case has been filed halting the release of the movie.

The protagonist for Udumban happens to be popular motorbike racer Dilip Roger who is making a comeback after a long time. Dilip’s ways with the helpless lizard has been strongly objected by one P Selvaraj, residing in Choolaimedu, Chennai. Selvaraj went ahead and filed a case saying that producer Jeganadhan and director Ramjii S Balan were to be held responsible for using a real lizard in the movie. It is learnt that the specie in question is under the endangered category and it’s strictly prohibited by law to make use of it in such a way. As a result the court will take to hearing latest by February 16th. Even though Censor Board officials couldn’t spot the odd Udumban out, giving the movie a straight ‘U’ certificate, things have gone complicated as the release was set for a February 10th.

Now there goes Udumban’s chance of making his Kollywood debut 🙂



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