Trisha’s Khatta Meetha flop show

Trisha's Khatta Meetha flop show

South Indian Petite beauty Trisha’s debut Bollywood looks flop. The film which is receiving mixed reviews, fails to deliver what it promises according to sources.

A trade analyst says, “The expectations were high about the film, because the film is  being directed by Priyadarshan with whom has not deleivered much flops. However unlike all other Priyadarshan film, this movie has nothing to impress. “
Now, coming to the main news,Trisha has nothing notable to deliver in her Bollywood debut and fails to stand up to Akshay

Khatta Meetha is a remake of Malayalam film Vellanakalude Nadu (starring Mohanlal and Shobana) written over two decades ago.

Trisha is also acting in Hindi version of ‘Vinnai Thaandi varuvayaa‘ which is being directed by Gautham Menon.

 Trisha, Now says “My second Hindi film is a love story with just me and the guy in central roles. It’s a subject that can’t go wrong. I’ve already done the Tamil version of this film (Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya) and now, the same director (Gautham Menon) is remaking it in Hindi with Pratik Babbar and me. I think we should be kick-starting it in August. I am excited because unlike Khatta Meetha, where I don’t have a central part, this one has a central role for me.



  1. ARUN

    Hi Dear trisha ….this is only ur first film …. Keep trying to do best… Don't trust ur second film will become hit film…
    no love story films which is hit in tamil… Responded the same in  North…
    Any way  ALL THE BEST …………. 😛 😛 😛

  2. raj

    podi po,. bollywood will not help you. ozhunga tamil and telugu padathilae concentrate pannu..unakku adjust panna south dhan better..pala pala vishayangalai paathava…taste unakku ippo puriyum..

  3. Arjuna

    unaku intha avamanam pothatha di, innum venuma? ozhunga vanthu tamil padathila act pannu. atha ellam vittutu hindiku ponal ithuvum nadakkum, ithukku melayum nadakkum……puriyutha….. 😛 😛 :'( :'(

  4. ponnu

    why are u guys so rude? isn't she a person too? we all have our failures and bad times…geez, give her a break already!

  5. coolgal

    trisha watever you do think twice and act according to it …everyone has their valleys and peaks… so est of luck

  6. sunny

    this film is a big floop.. in 2009 4 films of akashy get floop and this year the sme thing is happenig.. akashy is not a good actor if his 1 film get hit than 4 to 5 films get floop..:P

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