Prabhudeva Trisha

Trisha’s ‘closeness’ to Prabhudeva: what’s brewing?

Prabhudeva Trisha

Industry sources say that there is something ‘more than that meets the eye’ vis-à-vis photographs showing Prabhudeva and Trisha hugging each other and partying hard on the eve of the former’s birthday celebrations which took place early last week on the eve of the inauguration function to mark the IPL-V cricket carnival.

Soon after dancing live on stage and enthralling his fans all over the world, Prabhudeva rushed to his house where he had a host of leading actors and actresses from Kollywood waiting for him to start the birthday celebrations. Those at his residence on the day included the likes of actresses Khushboo and Trisha, director-actor Sundar C and many others.

Why Trisha should pose publicly with Prabhudeva soon after the latter split with Nayanthara after more than three-and-a-half years of courtship? It is said that there is a ‘small story’ behind it. Rana Daggubati, the popular Tollywood hero, is widely believed tobe dating Trisha. It is also said that the two meet quite frequently and when they are away from each other, they chat non-stop on their mobile phones.

Trisha claims that Rana is just a ‘close friend’. Rana recently signed a new film opposite Nayanthara, who is on a comeback mode. Trisha’s closeness with Rana has given way to some interpretation of her visit to Prabhudeva’s birthday celebrations and posing gamely with him. It is said that it is mainly to irritate Nayanthara who is said to be moving close to Rana knowing very well that he had been ‘seeing’ Trisha.

What is happening in K-Town?


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