Trisha wants to shop in Ranganathan Street

Trisha wants to go shopping
Trisha wants to go shopping

Trisha is anxiously waiting for her forthcoming flick Manmadhan Ambu. The starlet had recently wrapped up shooting for Telugu flick ‘Lovely’ and headed straight to Dubai to attend a close friends wedding. Her close friends and relatives are surprised how the actress manages to devote time for them after hopping countries and following strict schedules.

When we inquired about what was that one wish that is still unfulfilled  given a holiday from all the busy work the actress was quick to reply “I would love to go to Ranganathan Street in T Nagar and shop heavily all day long.”

As it is known that after winning the Miss Chennai title it is totally impossible for the this glamorous beauty to walk out freely in public places.

Well Trisha we guess if you can manage to pull of a disguise it won’t be that tough . Give it a try.



  1. Vasin

    Aama. Konjam showy’a than irku. Indirect’a thaan periya start’nu solra mathri iruku. Aana athu onnum periya thappillaye. She is the best Tamil actress for a long time. 

  2. பிட்பாகேட்

    ரங்கநாதன் தெருவுக்கு நீ வா உன்னுடைய ரெண்டு கைகளையும் பிடித்து நசுக்கி எடுக்கிறேன்.

  3. pickpocket nanben

    nalla sonna……thayavu seithu avala tamil la pesa sollu.nee kaiya nasukum bothu………. 😉

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