Trisha to play tennis to lose weight

Trisha thanks us with her ever gleeful 'Yay'
Trisha thanks us with her ever gleeful 'Yay'

Well Trisha seems to have finally taken our advice to loose some weight. Read Here for the advice.

The twinkle eyed actress confirmed the news as she told us, “Planning on getting back to playing tennis once I reach Chennai. Love the sport but have been really out of touch. It’s surely a fun way 2 burn those extra calories. She gives a gleeful “Yay” on receiving this wonderful piece of advice. Now Trisha you owe us for that one.

Trisha is filming for the Telugu movie tentatively title ‘Kushiga’ and she is really enjoying the weather during the shoots. Well some scary movies are keeping her busy when off  shoots as she is eagerly looking forward to the sequel of Hollywood flick Paranormal Activity.

She wants some recommendations to cling on to a new Television series as she is quite done with her ‘LOST’ addiction.

So while Trisha tries to follow our advice drop us your suggestions, all ya Trisha troopers. Don’t hesitate; you know she is keeping a close watch in here.



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