Trisha says Yoga is a torture chamber

Trisha says Yoga is a torture chamber
Trisha says Yoga is a torture chamber

The actress who has lured everyone with her looks recently cast her charm in Manmadhan Ambu . Now the petite beauty  has finally revealed her fitness mantra . The actress took up Yoga to tone up her body, mind and soul maintaining a cent percent fitness.

Well now the actress has revealed that practicing this discipline is not an experience that she looks forward to. In fact she refers it as a torture chamber as she told us, “I am off to my Yoga class – the torture chamber”, but it seems the lady has found some inspiration and a change in attitude as she disclosed “No pain, no weight loss.”

Well firstly Trisha, do you really need to loose more weight? And even if you do we guess taking up a game of badminton daily would do the trick just fine.



  1. aravind

    guys believe me…i once saw a program in Discovery some years back…a person was attempting deep see diving without any support…..before starting the attempt that guy was performing “Surya namaskar” which is considered to be one of the most important Yoga…i was really amazed…the guy successfully completed the dive….also Anushka is know for her yoga practitioner and teached yoga before entering flims…in her many interviews she had cited yoga was the reason for her good looks…veteran actor Shivakumar also fanatic… trisha u wont like what is good for life….if u dont like it then dont talk ill abt it…just go and party and have lots of alcohol which is very good for u r health…..

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