Trisha-Lakshmi Rai fight continues

Mankatha Trisha Lakshmi Rai

It’s not often that you find Trisha getting agitated and passing remarks about her colleagues in the industry. Known to her friends and others as a soft character, Trisha has joined the issue with Lakshmi Rai vis-à-vis the casting of the film ‘Mankatha’ which released recently and has been running successfully ever since.

In an interview to newsmen, the leggy Rai reportedly said that it was she who was director Venkat Prabhu’s first choice for the film. “In fact, Prabhu narrated the script to me and asked me to choose any role: the heroine or the vamp. It was me who decided to do the vamp’s role in the end and obviously Trisha was chosen for the role that she eventually played in the film!” were Rai’s words.

Trisha wasn’t amused by Rai’s statement. Even Venkat Prabhu issued a hurried statement saying that what Rai was claiming was contrary to the truth. He had also said that Trisha was always his choice to pair up opposite Ajith in the latter’s landmark 50th film.

Trisha has reportedly remarked to her close friends that she never expected Lakshmi Rai, her co-star in Mankatha, to stoop down to such a low level. Even the crew of the film, is said to be surprised at Rai’s remarks. Observers point out that starring in back-to-back successful films might have made Rai utter what she said!



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    Evalungalum evalunga sakkalathi sandaiyum.Poi pozhappa parungadi….Healthy competition erukanum not ego clashes….

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    Nee un velaiya mattum partha podhum.KT onnum un sothu illai engala erukakoodadhunu solli velila anupa.This is a public forum.So shut….

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