Trisha G venkat Ram Calendar 2012

Trisha: I’m just 29 and still in the race

Trisha G venkat Ram Calendar 2012

Actress Trisha has hit back at her detractors who are leveling all sorts of allegations on her. The latest rumour doing rounds about the actress is that she has reportedly demanded Rs.25 lakh more than her usual fee to appear in ‘swim wear’ for her upcoming Telugu film. There is also talk in certain sections of Tamil and Telugu film industries that Trisha is ‘avoided’ by the present crop of heroes as she is pushing 30.

In a recent interview at Hyderabad, Trisha has said “I’m just 29 and I don’t think it’s an age for heroines to retire. Doesn’t Aishwarya Rai, who is in her late thirties, play heroine? Look at Sridevi who had a longish career. Though I know it’s not proper for me to compare me with them, I’m just pointing out that age shouldn’t be a barrier to deliver good performances on-screen.

“I feel my figure is still the same as it was when I starred in Varsham (Tamil version of Mazhai) a few years back. Watch me when my Bodyguard opposite Venkatesh releases in the near future. I have also paired opposite almost all the young heroes. Rumours that I demanded Rs.25 lakhs more to don a bikini in a new film are nothing but trash. I don’t need to expose to stay in the industry.

“Though Bodyguard has already been made in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi, I don’t need to ape the performances of heroines in those films; I have my own style and I would always love to stick to that. I’m a frontline actress in both Tamil and Telugu films. Chennai is my hometown and I don’t like to stay away from the city for longer periods. As far as Hindi films are concerned, I don’t want to make another effort,” concluded Trisha.

Even if she wants, is there a Bollywood director willing to cast Trisha in his film?


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