Trisha gets close with Sydney

Trisha gets close with Sydney pic

Trisha gets close with Sydney

Chennai-based designer Sidney Sladen has been spotted with Kollywood beauty Trisha ever so often. Despite the fact that they share a very close bond Trisha has often maintained that her designer pal is a good friend and nothing more. If gossip mills are to be believed the actress holds special interest for this Sydney guy.

Adding credence to the rumors is one of the recent photographs that have been doing the rounds. The pic has Trisha hugging tightly to her costume designer, which appears unusual by all means. Shot at a public event; the girl has her arms all wrapped up, sending Sydney flash his killer smile. The actress who was in Bangkok shooting for the Vishal flick Samaran is back in Chennai for just a day. She feels like Chennai has become a place of transit these days hopping from one location to another. Her Telugu project in Dammu, is progressing side by side and the actress has headed straight to Pollachi to shoot for the flick. She earlier shot for one of the songs for Dammu and says, “I’m feeling ‘princessy’, it’s like a war song. Heavy duty sets and costumes. hehe”.

Oh! Trish princessy you are, no wonder they go swooning over you 🙂



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