Trisha eyes pairing with Rajinikanth next

Rajinikanth - Trisha
Rajinikanth - Trisha

Actress Trisha, undeterred by her failed attempt to storm Bollywood with her ‘Khatta Meetha’ which sank without a trace a few months back, is said to be aiming to take over the top spot in Telugu films held by Ileana as the latter is all set to make a comeback in Tamil films by playing the female lead in the Tamil remake of the Bollywood hit film ‘3 Idiots’.

A source close to the actress, who appears in many commercials on television these days, reveals that the actress is yet to overcome the thrill and pleasure of having starred in a movie with Kamal Haasan (‘Manmadhan Ambu’) which released last week. The suave actress is said to have many plans up her sleeve for the New Year which is hardly a few days away.

First among priorities is to wrest back the top slot (once held by her) in Telugu films from the likes of Ileana and Anushka. Trisha’s calculation is that if Ileana  goes on to divert her attention from Telugu films by coming back to Tamil films, she could then hope to rein over Tollywood. And her second plan is to move her cards in such a manner as to somehow pair up opposite superstar Rajnikanth in his next film, the details of which hasn’t yet been announced either by Rajni or by anybody.

Trisha see to that you calculation do not back fire as it happened with your bollywood plans.



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  2. sano

    what idiot, if your a good actress, keep acting, get good offers. you dont become the best by knocking someone out

  3. san33

    Trisha cant stand to Illena..its shame dat she cant act .. eppidiyo Goutham menon…VTV nu oru padam varlna she wnt have been seen aftr dat kuruvi movie… n illena is damn gud ..both acting n luks….and she is absolutely apt for 3 idiots kareena role,… and anushka gt outside gud image n personality dats liked by all..(both tamil n telugu ppl).. so trisha cant catch top place in telugu…

  4. Vasin

    Dei thirutu Malayalee poraprra keralaku. Thrish’ku act panna theriyatham.

    Loosu Loosu Loosu
    Maanga Mallu loosu Loosu
    Poosu Poosu Poosu
    Un Moonjila Kari Poosu Poosu

  5. Vasin

    Thrisha Thamil Ponnu Nee Pesatha  
    Dei Thiruttu Mallu Mallu Mallu  
    Pogaopothu un Pallu Pallu Pallu  
    Athoda Poyidum Sollu Sollu Sollu  
    Purinjukoda Vaalu Vaalu Vaalu

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  10. Vasin

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  14. Laila

    manmathan ambu was a flop
    ivaluku yaaru superstar oda nadikka chance kudukurathu?!
    i hav to say after khatta metta she finks shes the best actress in the world or sumtin

    khatta metta was a flop
    and then she goes to all them bolly photoshoots half naked with tonnes of make up on n compares herself to asin n illeana n anushka


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