Trisha doggy

Trisha down with Flu

 Trisha doggy

Kollywood queen Trisha is not in the pink of health these days. Busy with Vishal’s Samaran the pretty face was on a rejuvenating holiday trip to Koh Samui. Celebrating her birthday with dear ones abroad, she is back home in Chennai now.

The actress who got a Mercedes car as her birthday gift, maintains that she keeps personal relations away from work and does enjoy her single status. Resting home trying to get back to her normal, Trisha has her mommy dearest taking good care of her. She had to break the Samaran shoots earlier, down with bad cold. The Samaran team are a disappointed lot, as Trisha caught the flu once again. She says, “Down with another bout of flu .I’m crying. Not so much though cause I’m getting spoilt at home 🙂 Enjoying breakfast in bed and that works.” Giving her good company are here doggies.” Its amazing how receptive doggies are to sickness. My Cadu and Zoyu are stuck to me. My babies. Cant live without them.” Awww Trisha, those dogs do have a lovely owner 😉


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