Trisha claims fans love to watch her on screen

Trisha completes 10 years in Kollywood

Of late, Trisha has developed the habit of pouring her heart out to the scribes whenever she finds time and opportunity. During those interactions, she doesn’t mince words if she felt that scribe’s questions were mischievous or not per her liking. This has made some of the scribes, especially those who have interacted with her in the recent past, take to their heels at the sight of her.

The moment she is asked as to why she is not spotted quite too often in Tamil films these days, Trisha goes into a rage. “Unlike others, I don’t have the habit of chasing the producers and directors for opportunities to star in their films….Do you know the number of offers I have been frequently turning down as the scripts are shoddy?

“Purposely, rumours against me are spread by vested interests. It’s not a fact that my film offers have dwindled due to the onslaught of many newcomers in the industry. Let the newcomers come…Have I become old enough to go begging for my roles? I still have many producers waiting for my nod to sign me up in their films in Tollywood. At present, though, I have only signed up a solitary film titled Ganga; my Bodyguard opposite Venkatesh is all set to release soon.

“My popularity hasn’t waned at all….My fans continue to patronize me and love to watch me on big-screen…Without talent, one can’t survive in the film industry. I have always banked on my talents to take me forward. Come to think of it, surviving for 10 long years in the industry is not a mean achievement at all!” concludes Trisha.

Yeah; agreed!



  1. june

    OMG! Nobody will sign you after this. Attitude much. calm down. An actress of your experience should dust off rumors, not feed from them…cool

  2. vengayam

    I will tell u an better idea!! fix an cam in ur bathroom! record and post it on KT.. and see to that its not only u in the video!


  3. abcd

    heros are all wanting trisha. vishal is latest example. she has acted as heroine for 10 yrs … idhuku apparam avalukku offer vandha enna varalana enna? she must have earned a lot already 🙂

  4. sogal

    yes trisha, u get poor script bcos u have became old!! accept the fact my dear.. u think they were gonna cast u in maatran, yohan adhyam ondru, billa 2 or any any new movies with top heroes? well u are doing a film with vishal, so? u turned down offers to act in 3 of his films, satyam, tvp and vedi and now accept his offer bcos the scrip is gd? we’ll see after the movie releases but most of us know u accepted his offer bcos u got no other films in hand.. why dun u pack ur bags to bollywood, u arrogant lady!!

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