Trisha Rana Daggubati Party

Trisha and Rana Daggubati party together

Trisha Rana Daggubati Party

Trisha and Rana Daggubati are grabbing headlines. It’s not just movies that keeps this hot and happening duo in news. Both Trisha and Rana have often been spotted in public places together.

Trisha who is known to be a party hopper loves to be part of social do’s, whenever she gets time off. Accompanying her is Rana, who recently shot for a popular magazine with the actress.Speaking about her special friend Rana, the actress has already said, “There is nothing on this earth which I can not share with Rana.He knows everything about me.” The couple walked hand-in-hand for a birthday bash in Hyderabad last week.Everyone cheered them on as both Trish and Rana set the dance floor burning. One of their close pals who attended the party tells us, “ They are totally comfortable with each other and chilled out.They were together throughout the party and had a great time enjoying each other’s company.” One happy couple, we must say.


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