Title of Rajini’s Rana might change?

Rajini Rana Title Change

There had been some talk in Kollywood, albeit unofficially, that the title of superstar Rajinikanth’s upcoming film ‘Rana’ might be changed. Neither director K.S. Ravikumar nor Rajini was reacting to the rumour, which was spreading like wildfire. ‘Rana’ stars Rajini in triple roles. The last time Rajini did triple roles was for ‘Moondru Muguam’, which released in the early eighties.

Rana is actually the name of one of Rajini’s three characters in the period film ‘Rana’. The script of the film belongs to Rajini and the title is also said to be Rajini’s own choice. Incidentally, Rajini fell ill on the evening of 29th April, the day the film was launched with much fanfare in the city. After completely recuperating from his illness, Rajini returned to Chennai from Singapore last Wednesday (13th July).

Resting at his daughter’s Alwarpet residence, Rajini is said to be in talks with Ravikumar to fine-tune the script and dialogues. Source close to the superstar say that some ‘friends and relatives’ have advised him to change the title as but Rajini is said to be not in favour of doing so. Though Rajini always lends a patient ear to others’ views, he is least likely to compromise on the issue of the title of the film.

In the past, when Rajini’s ‘Annamalai’ and ‘Padaiyappa’ were launched in the mid-nineties and late-nineties respectively, many in the industry ridiculed those titles. Rajini was adamant in keeping the title of ‘Annamalai’ as it was one of the names of Lord Shiva. It’s common knowledge that both ‘Annamalai’ and ‘Padaiyappa’ turned out to be colossal hits in the history of Tamil cinema.

Likewise, Rajini might stick with his ‘Rana’ too!


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