The Suryah in Nanban

SJ SuryahRemember actor-director S.J. Suryah, who was last seen in Tami films in his ‘Newtonin Moondraam Vidhi’, a thriller which released and flopped more than an year ago? After taking part in dance reality shows  SJ Suryah moved to Tollywood where he directed one of the biggest flop of 2010 in tollywoods  box offiice ‘Komarampuli’(Puli) with Pawan kalyan in the lead.

Just when it was assumed that he won’t come back to Tamil films, Suryah is here.   And now all set to play the  important Silence role of 3 Idiots role in director Shankar’s ‘Nanban’ which stars Vijay, Jiiva, Srikanth, Sathyaraj, Ileana and Sathyan in lead roles. Actress Anuya would be the other ‘guest’ actor in the film.

Suriyah, who had given ‘Khushi’ to Vijay and ‘Vaali’ to Ajith, 10 years back as one of the biggest hit films in their respective careers, starred as hero in ‘New’ opposite Simran which was mired in controversies. He continued his hero avatar in failed films like ‘Vyaapari’ (opposite Tamannaah), ‘Anbae Aruyirae’, ‘Kalvanin Kaadhali’, etc.

Besides ‘Nanban’, Suryah is also said to be planning to launch a Tamil film titled ‘Isai’ in a few months’ time. Besides acting and directing the film, Suryah is also likely to make his debut as music director with this film, sources close to him say.

It is rumoured heavily in Kollywood that it was actor Vijay who spoke to Shankar to cast Suriyah in the role in ‘Nanban’ as Suriyah could be directing Vijay in a new film later this year!



  1. aravind

    An awesome director who make a nice narrative story of a very simple theme…….as an actor i dont like his eccentric type of acting… i wanna see u behind the screen…plz direct a movie….

  2. Super

    exactly.. he is a very good director… but he is imagining himself as a very good actor… i still hate the way he acted in NEW. direction mattum pannu..nadichu innum asinga paduthikadhe…
    ivan moonjileye iru porriki kalai

  3. karthi fan

    hahaahahahahah  you are right guys   I AGREE.Aana one time intha aalu mudivu panitta ivaru pecha ivare kekka maattaraam hahahaah 😀 😀 😀 but still we can pray god for stop his acting!! 😀 !

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