Thaman non filmy band Thakali

Thaman’s non-filmy music band Thakali

Thaman non filmy band Thakali

Music Composer Thaman is having a ball post his KSY release. The music for film has received a great response in both states, its Tollywood version being titled Love failure. Not resting on his laurels the young composer has gone ahead and is attempting something new.

Well this one will not be just another film album. Thaman is testing waters with some non filmy music accompanied by his newly formed band. Thakali (tomato) is our band name. It will be launched this summer :)” confirms the composer. Consisting of a total 4 members namely Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar, Naveen Madhav and himself, Thakali’s first audio album will have total 4 songs. One of the songs in the album is on social issues that will be recorded soon. When inquired why go for such a name the composer disclosed, “We felt that we were totally commercializing ourselves with our film commitments and restricting ourselves musically. We have grown up in Chennai and are all foodies. And Thakkali is something that is inevitable in all dishes.” He adds, “Most importantly, we think the word has a definite ring to it. And, we also felt very positive about this name”

Now this sounds interesting.



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