Thamannah’s Investment in Real estates:Plans to buy a multi storey building in.Nagar.

thamannah real estate

One of the leading actresses in Kollywood, who earns more than Rs.1 crore for a film, is Thamannah. Thamannah has started to invest all her earnings in the Real Estate Business.

Thamannah made her debut through the film ‘Kedi’ during 2006. Though it was not a successful project for her, the film ‘Kaluri’ which followed was the turning in her career.

Thamannah now earns more than Rs.1 crore for a film in Tamil. At present, Thamannah has 10 film bookings in Tamil alone. There is a long queue of Directors waiting for her bookings. She is also acting in Telugu films.

Thamannah is investing the huge amount she is earning in the Real Estate Business in Andhra and Tamilnadu. News come out that, she is in talks in buying a multi storied building in T.Nagar. The building has a total of 12 houses in it.

One of the buildings which is under construction in the Saligramam region in Chennai, is also under consideration by Thamannah for purchase. The brokers who know the real background of Thamannah are helping her in finishing the deal without any trouble. Thamannah has also planned to purchase a building each in Mumbai and Hyderabad.



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