Thamana is now Thamannah:numerology expert advise

thamannah success

Thamannah who made debut in the Tamil film industry through the film ‘Kedi’ was one among the newest arrival of heroines. She hardly had any market for her. Now her market is at the horizon. Now everyone is ready to hear to her conditions such as Rs.1 crore for a film, acting only with the leading actors in the industry, will not play any sexy characters and so on. All the producers, directors and heroes prefer Thamannah in their films which makes money fall in her region now.

In the recent ‘Paiyaa’ film,dance  of Tamannah in the rain has increased her demand even more among the fans. What might be the main reason for Thamannah’s success in this short span of time? Close sources to Thamannah say that “Previously Thamannah used to sign as ‘Thamana’ but now she has changed to ‘Thamannah’. It was this advice from a numerology expert which has changed the life of Thamannah.


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  1. Anonymous

    stupid reason. before she was new to tamil cinema and was new to acting and she was wayyyy tooo young. now, she is a little bit more experienced and a bit older…at least old enough to act with heroes. She is more matured and knows the surroundings of tamil cinema. so success…period. It might change tomorrow. You can't really depend on cinema too much…you won't know.

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