Tamil Films Shooting Cancelled today


The Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) has summarily rejected the pay structure recommended for light-men, spot boys and other film-related employees proposed by FEFSI, a conglomeration of many film-based bodies and organizations. The Council has also said that all the shooting schedules slated for today would remain cancelled on the eve of the talks to be held between the TFPC and FEFSI.

In a statement, the Council has said that once in three years, TFPC and FEFSI discuss among themselves and fix new pay structure and other benefits for the film employees. “Soon after the new Council took over last year and even before the talks on pay-fixation could reach a logical end, FEFSI has arbitrarily fixed an improper pay structure and has also announced that the employees won’t work unless they are paid accordingly.

“This unilateral action by FEFSI has created unrest among producers as the act almost challenges the democratic behaviour and structure of the Council. In order to discuss with FEFS’s office-bearers about the pay structure and to make a final decision on it to enable the shooting schedules to re-start, it has been decided to hold an emergency meeting of the Council at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, the 23rd January at the Film Chamber auditorium.

“As it is mandatory for all the producers to attend this all-important meeting, all the shooting schedules of all films under production and slated for the day stand cancelled. In order to keep up the unity of the producers, all of them are requested to take part in the meeting,” the statement said. It may be recalled that a few years back, the film industry’s shooting schedules were suspended after a protest by FEFSI.

The clash between FEFSI and the Council has made many film personalities wear a worried look.


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