Tamil Cinema Producers in fistful battle

Tamil Film Producers Council Meeting
Tamil Film Producers Council Meeting

We had mentioned that the producers meet witnessed some tense moments. Here is exactly what happened.

Film Chamber theatre, Chennai was the venue for the Producer’s Council meet which was presided by Rama Narayanan. The meeting went haywire when producers Ayyappan and Muthumari got involved in a fistful battle.

Ayyappan who is also a distributor presented his grief before the officials present for taking up the screening of  flicks namely Sura, Vettaikaran, Thillalangadi, and Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai. Howesoever Muthumari was agitated with the act and retorted that the meeting was meant for producers and not for distributors to whine about their losses.

Obviously this didn’t go well with Ayyappan and arguments gave way to violence.

The fight had to be stopped with intervention of other producers present at the meet who pulled both troublemakers apart. But things were  so furious that the bouts refused to cease as the fight was taken to the corridors of the venue.

Well such acts really make us question the morality of the society we live in.


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