Tamannahs wish for a companion

Cutie pie Tamannaah

With her child like innocence Tamannah continues to roll the top cards in tinsel town and now she feels the need to change. The young actress has expressed her desire in finding a new companion for herself. Hmm…any guesses? It’s not another Kollywood hero or any other guy for that matter.

The lady wants to own a boy puppy and spend all those lovely Kodak moments with him cuddling up.Now here is the problem folks and we need to figure out a solution soon for Tammu. The darling heroine as we know is a busy bee balancing her legs in Kollywood and Tollywood together. She feel that it would be real injustice to get a puppy and then head to work without spending time with him playing and taking care of his needs. This has landed her in a real confused state as she wonders how to tackle this situation.

Tammu we guess Trisha can help you solve the problem.



  1. Aravind

    With u r looks and charm who refuses to be u r companion…..but u gals like dogs a more than a real man in life……..hehehehehe just for fun…….everybody have their own wishlist……cheers gal

  2. sushi

    u can have someone at home to spend time with him.
    you can spend time with him,when ur off to work, the person(maid) can spend time. its simple

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