Tamannahs hip show courts trouble

Tamannah hip show
Tamannah hip show

Tamannah’s joy over the success of her latest flick 100% Love has been marred by a controversy. Though her movie opposite Naga Chaitanya has been received well both by fans and critics, a women’s organization has raised objections to one of her scenes I which the actress raises her top and shows her hip.

The women’s group strongly believes that Tamannah has disgraced women folk by doing such a scene. We hear that the organization will be protesting until the scene is removed from the film.

A spokesperson said, “Tamannah has a huge fan following and what she does on screen will influence her fans. She should take care that she acts responsibly and compose herself with dignity.”

Meanwhile, Tamannah is said to be disturbed by some rumours linking her with Karthi, who got engaged recently. The actress, concentrating more on Tollywood at present, has categorically denied the rumour.



  1. socks

    the men made disgrace to woman and saree by wearing it in the name of transegender. what are they going to do?

  2. socks

    they raised a red flag because she raised her top to show her hips!!

    think it the other way, in india every woman showing their hips out every day on saree. isnt that an alarming issue???

    leave that?  ok…

    erm..how about this one, the transegenders wearing sarees without blouse and imitating them selves like women. isnt that a disgrace to women and feminity?

    anyone agree *DONT_KNOW*

  3. bunny

    i agree with u buddy………. when heroine wears bikini, there s no issue but they create a lot of commotion for this………. 

  4. shashi

    Hey socks i agree with u,
    this is only 4 the publicity 4 the organizations wat dey need. 2 show dat they r working nothing lse. just for a funds from d GOVERNMENT.
    but after a couple of days they wil 4get this and starts a new issue.. it wil go like a MEGA serials… 

  5. socks

    yea not allwoman, but the other way everywoman indian woman will have to wear saree atleast once intheir life time so it counts as *all woman* so that counts?


    People talk about culture and compare it to western clothings. when you wear jeans only ur feet is visible and for tshirt (hand and neck) then face ofcourse.

    now look at saree, people can see your tummy, belly button, up over there *some glimps*, then you upper back and the HIPS

    stop blaffing about culture anymore oldies..

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