Tamannah has no qualms wearing small clothes

Tamannah has no qualms wearing small clothes

With her childish looks, actress Tamannah enjoys quite a following in Kollywood. The pretty looking girl is undergoing a dry run as of now and was last seen dancing away at  Telugu film Oosaravelli audio launch event alongside composer Devi Sri Prasad who was more than happy to lend her a dancing hand.

Some time back in a brief chit-chat, Tammu asserted that she was quite aware of her limits in exposing in movies and that there was a very thin line between glamour and vulgar which shouldn’t be breached. (That’s how philosophical girls can get….).  Recently when one of our birdies caught up with the actress and popped the question of going all glam the actress replied back cheerfully saying, “Well it’s a profession and I do take it that way. Whatever is given to me by the costume department I don’t hesitate in wearing it. But I sometimes wish that I could choose my own clothes. It’s funny that I have been able to take the trend of wearing small clothes from my childhood days to my movies too, if that is what my profession demands.”

Hehehe…now that’s some story…..:)



  1. 123

    You are the most beautiful and lovable actress I have seen. Please try to come to Tamil cinema, I would like to see you in more tamil films.. 
    I love you so much, if you accept I will marry you as well.

    Ummmmmma (kiss you)

  2. june

    you have to learn to respect others…especially women….just coz she’s beautiful doesn’t mean you have to act cheaply…

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