Tamanna Latest Stills

Tamanna wants to shoot glamourous sequences in seclusion

Tamanna Latest Stills

Tantalizing Tamanna has a handful of projects in Telugu besides staring in many commercials. She endorses wide-ranging products including jewellery brands, textile stores and other house-hold items. In view of her popularity, she demands and gets (more often than not) a hefty sum for all these advertisement campaigns.

Tamanna is basking in the glory of the success of her latest Telugu film Rachcha. The film, which has Ram Charan Teja opposite her, has been going great guns. Tamanna’s un-inhibited glamour in song sequences and her dancing are cited as among the many reasons which have made the film a hugely successful venture. There is also a widely-held belief that if a film has Tamanna getting wet in a ‘rain sequence’, then the film would surely go on to become a hit/super-hit.

Who would forget the sexy Tamanna’s impressive and sexy dancing in the Adada Mazhaida… song with Karthi in the hit film Paiyaah? The trend of drenching her in rain at least in one song sequence in a film is fast catching up in Tamil and Telugu films.

In possession of an hourglass figure which is the toast of many youths and the envy of many of her contemporaries in Kollywood and Tollywood, Tamanna doesn’t mind in starring rain-sequences but has a huge condition which ought to be met by the director. Her condition is that whenever such sequences are filmed, the place of shoot should have only the minimum number of persons on the sets/out-doors, as the case may be.

No doubt her plea would be acceded to by the directors and producers concerned?


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