Tamanna Fanta

Tamanna demands 60 lacs for endorsing Fanta

Tamanna Fanta

Actress Tamannaah is on a high. She is extremely delighted at the box-office reports of her latest Telugu film Rachcha opposite Ram Charan Teja. The film has just been declared as a ‘super-hit’ and might go on to reach new scales vis-à-vis box-office collections if it sustains the momentum for a few more weeks. Tamannaah’s liberal skin show and her glamourous dancing performance are said to be significant factors which have contributed to the film’s success.

Thanks to the success of Rachcha, she has many producers queueing up outside her residence to sign her up for their future projects. The curvaceous actress was reportedly approached by the manufacturers of Fanta, a popular soft-drink brand. Tamannaah reportedly demanded that she be paid Rs.60 laksh though she was informed that she might not be required to shoot for more six days.

Fanta, which had been utilizing the services of actress Genelia till date, probably decided to replace her with a happening actress after Genelia got married a few months back. Popular brands hardly stick with married actresses, with Aishwarya Rai being a honourable exception as she continues to endorse many popular brands even after becoming a mother.

Tamannaah was approached by Fanta to function as its brand ambassadress in South India to further promote the sales of the soft-drink brand. Though the firm hesitated initially, it has now agreed to Tamannaah’s demand for Rs.60 lakhs keeping in view the huge popularity enjoyed by the actress in the States of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Tamannaah says that she decides to endorse a particular brand only after ensuring that it won’t affect her status or stature in the industry. “Advertisements are an easy way to remain in touch with my fans when my films are not releaseing frequently,” remarks Tamannaah.


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