Tamanah’s father double games disappoints the actress


Tamannaah, who is riding high after a series of successful films, is looking forward to the release of Paiyaa with excitement. But she is not in a right mood at present, as she is not sharing good relationship with her father. Though Tamannaah has appointed a manager to take care of her affairs like fixing her fee and following up un-received payments, her father is said to be involving himself in all aspects like fixing her fee and negotiating with the director/producer.

Shockingly, Thamannah’s father is alleged to fix a particular fee with the film-makers and reporting a ‘different amount’ to Tamannaah.

When Tamannaah came to know of her father’s alleged wrong-doings, obviously a clash broke out between her and her father. Unable to restrain her father on her own, she is said to have instructed her manager not to take her father to any shooting spot or negotiating table. Father, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to bother about the snubbing by his daughter.


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