Susi Ganesan to remake Thiruttu Payale in hindi with Deepika Padukone and Emran Hashmi

Deepika Paadukone

Director Susi Ganesan has decided to take his Tamil film Thiruttu Payale to the Hindi audience. The director had been working on the Hindi version for the past couple of months and is expected to start the shooting soon. Emran Hashmi has been signed up to play Jeevan’s role in the film, sources say.

There are reports that Susi Ganesan is keen on roping in Deepika Padukone to play Malavika’s role. However, the lady has not confirmed her presence in the film. With this character having shades of gray, it would be interesting to see if Deepika would agree to it.

Susi Ganesan

We had  earnlier saied Susi was having talks with Zee TV are reportedly worked out well and the project might begin soon. Susi reportedly completed the work of penning dialogues for the Hindi version of Thiruttu Payale even while Kanthaswamy was being made. Sizzling hottie Bipasha Basu was initially approched to play the role of Malavika


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