Surya out Vijay in for Mani Ratnam flick Ponniyin Selvan

Suryah out Vijay in for Mani Ratnam flick Ponniyin Selvan
Suryah out Vijay in for Mani Ratnam flick Ponniyin Selvan

Earlier we had told you about Surya and Vikram being considered for the next Mani Ratnam flick titled Ponniyin Selvan which is based on a Tamil historical novel by the same name. We know that Surya is busy with many other projects lately and the news that Mani had a preference for Vikram in the lead didn’t sit well with Surya as the hero was not interested for a secondary role in the movie.

Now we have come to know that Vijay and Vishal have been added to the cast along with Vikram. Surya as of now doesn’t seem to be a part of the picture as Vijay seems to be grabbing all the hotspots earlier reserved for Surya, earlier it was Nanban and now it’s the same case with Ponniyin Selvan.

There are talks that Sun Pictures will be putting in a staggering Rs.200 crores for this project and Ilayaraja is also being considered for the musical department. After director Shankar’s Nanban Surya is missing out on another prestigious offer alongside veteran director Mani Ratnam who is keen on fleshing out the characters of his new team that includes Vijay,Vishal and Vikram.

Three V’s for Victory they say, so shall it be.



  1. vinoth

    hello my dear vijay fans,hold on ur words,wt vijay knows abt acting???????first ask him to stop remake movies,if he cant means u dont hav any rights to talk abt shut ur dirty mouth and ass

  2. Nithy

    Actor vijay has good chances now to regain his form….. He really learnt from the mistakes…. Actor surya has given few hits continously… But previously vijay also also has given continous hits…… Both of them have good time and bad time… Personelly from my view.. surya is little bit jealous… may be vijay also had…. that is the part of the human nature….

    But for us.. it is really good.. bcos vijay, mani and may be vikram/vishal combo will taste better than chettinadu combo.. we all hope….

    Karthi brother of surya is also doing well…. He is better … he will get the more fan base soon than surya…. for sure

  3. HRK

    fuck off u nasty asssssss hole……. what the fucking rights u have to comment on vijay’s acting or remakes….. who the shit r u to do sop….. commenting is an easy jo…. but performing is not that easy….. so shut ur assssssss n penis tightly…. else willl cut them off ur physique……

  4. rajesh

    surya no need other acter support to success filim.he can do himself.He is a singam.vijay finally depending others to make success in carrier.its big shame.

  5. rajesh

    vijay is doing secondary heros role in namban and maniratnam filim.its shame for him..?very very very shameeeeeeee.

  6. vinod

    this would be next level movie in tamil industry.  vijay is also a righy choice,in tamil nadu no hero has many fans like vijay not even a rajini. im a rajni fan but what im trying to say is rajni has fans throughout india where as vijay coveredr many film fans alone in tamil naddu. vijay is going to be give aanother blockbuster with manirathnam   

  7. gopi

    surya to be improved now adays he is success b coz of media support his recent hit from sun network, & every body knows how true they promote. surya is big copy cat , 4 proof see the image below

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