Surya and Shahrukh Khan join hands

Surya and Shahrukh Khan join hands

Surya and Shahrukh Khan join hands

Actor Surya and the Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan will be joining hands soon. Eh……..It’s not for a new movie and neither is Surya doing a cameo in SRK’s home production. Or maybe you might be thinking the other way round of SRK doing a cameo in a Surya movie. Aaaargh!!!…..can we just pause for a while….

Both Surya and SRK will be seen inaugurating the 42nd International Film Festival of India to be held in Panaji, Goa from November 23rd to  December 03 2011 (See we told you ….if only you could let us say…).The International Film Festival will span over a total 10 days filled with a lot of cinema, popcorn , celebrity arrivals , and of course how can we forget the glamorous babes walking down the Goan beaches Oops !! we meant the carpet. Movie enthusiasts across the world will come to celebrate more than a 100 movies screened from almost 70 different nations at the festival. It would be interesting to know that the grand prize will be a Golden Peacock and a cash prize of Rs. 40,00,000 which will awarded to the director and the producer.

So Surya and SRK finally come together.





  1. Smile

    Hey Goa….I like the beach….it was fun playing on the sand…. 😀
    Money ok…but why a golden peacock???

  2. murali

    oh adhukka………naan kooda diwalikku namma padam mannai kaviyathuku kaaranam over hype ah illa mokkai screenplay ah nu pattimandram vekka porangalonu ninachen

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