Surya and Jyothika are back to Screen

Surya and Jyothika together

Jyothika is making a comeback alongside Surya, but it’s not the movies this time. The star couple will be seen together in a television ad soon.

Well it took Surya a lot of convincing to get Jo ready for the shoots. It brought back a lot of memories for the actor.“I so miss her presence on the sets, I really wish if she could come back to movies”, said a sentimental Surya.

Well Jo would have given in to Surya’s request but now that she is married there are kids to look after and she takes much pride in taking care of them and being a lovely mommy at home.

Now we so wish they would pair up for another movie soon.




  1. gal

    oh surya started losing his market bcos raktha charitiram was a average movie and vijay is flying high bcos kaavalan was a moderate hit? if one flop movie caused an actor to lose his market then vijay would have been out of the industry long ago! except raktha charitiram surya’s past 4 movies were hits!! and 2 were big hits!! so wat u r sayin is not substantiated!! i too hope vijay will fly high!! still waiting for the day to come!!

  2. stanly

     surya is a big thevdiya paiyan,thalapthy,thala pula umbravan,uru kudhiya nakravan,pondati ku jaldra podra paiyan,ava wife oru prostitute,thambi vanthu tamanah mela mogam kondavan ………………total family is a big frouds ………..thalapthy,thala vaighaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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