Suriya plays triple role in his Ezhaam Arivu

Suriya 7aam Arivu

Actor Suriya is reportedly doing triple roles in his upcoming film ‘Ezhaam Arivu’ which is being directed by A.R. Murugadoss. The diminutive Murugadoss is credited for making a ‘superstar’ out of star Suriya through the mega-hit film ‘Ghajini’ a few years back. It was ‘Ghajini’ which instilled the confidence in the minds of film-makers that Suriya could handle any sort of ‘tough’ role(s).

Suriya hasn’t put a single foot wrong since then and has gone from strength to strength. According to the latest kollywood reports, the fee per film that Suriya demands and gets is second only to superstar Rajinikanth and is said to be higher than what Vijay gets. As such, expectations are high on his upcoming film ‘Ezhaam Arivu’ which pits him opposite Shruti Haasan, who is debuting in Tamil films as heroine.

The film, which has Suriya playing the role of a circus artiste, has been in the making for the past few months. The latest info on the film is that Suriya plays the triple roles of circus artiste, a Buddhist Monk and that of a King.

In the meantime, it is said that Murugadoss has made a last-minute inclusion of a 7-minute long ‘flashback’ sequence in the film which would depict Suriya and Shruti as the King and princess of two separate States. Udhayanidhi, the producer, nodded in agreement to the suggestion and has asked Murugadoss to ensure that it turns out in a grand manner.

A leading actor from Vietnam would be debuting in the film as Suriya’s villain. A ‘super machine’ (read UFO) reportedly plays a ‘prominent role’ in the film, it is further learnt.

Can’t wait till the film hits the halls, can you?



  1. thala

    Indha year periya mokka padam idhu dhaan, 🙂  becaz already murugadoss gave a flop in telugu staring Chiranjeevi (Stalin)

  2. Aravind

    the only thing i hate in that poster is Udayanidhi stalin……………….thuuu thevdiaya payan…………

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