Sundar C says yes to Santhanam,No to Vadivelu

Santhanam replaces Vadivelu

There can’t be a classic example for the axiom ‘When you laugh, the whole world laughs with you; when you weep, you weep alone!’ when one looks at the cast of director Sundar C’s next film. After directing films like superstar Rajinikanth’s Arunachalam, Kamal Haasan’s Anbae Sivam, Arjun’s Giri and Karthick’s Ullathai Allithaa, Sundar C debuted as a hero in the film Thalainagaram a few years back. The film was a moderate hit, thanks to Vadivelu’s comedy portions which ran throughout the film.

Sundar, who cast Goundamani in many of his earlier films, switched to Vadivelu when the latter was gaining ground as the leading comedian in Kollywood. With Vadivelu, all the films in Winner, Giri, Thalainagaram and Nagaram had hilarious comic sequences which added to the value of the respective films. Obviously, one would have been led into believing that Sundar would persist with Vadivelu irrespective of the change political scenario in the State.

For his upcoming film, though, Sundar has gone ahead and signed up Santhanam as the comedian. Though Santhanam has miles to go to reach Vadivelu’s caliber, he had taken rapid strides in the past couple of years in carving a niche for himself as a bankable comedian. At a time when Vadivelu is down and out thanks to his election campaign early this year, an offer to start in Sundar’s film would have opened the floodgates for Vadivelu, who continues to remain in hiatus for the past few months.

Both Sundar and his actress-wife Khushboo are known DMK sympathizers and it would have been fitting for Sundar to bail out Vadivelu, who faces an ‘unwritten’ ban from Kollywood for supporting the erstwhile DMK regime in the State.

Sundar C’s act of going for Santhanam only proves that there is no place for sentiment or friendship or camaraderie in the film industry which only bothers as to whether or not the actor’s latest film was a hit!



  1. Nou

    Are the guys, who are writing these articles retarded? Making cinema, is doing business. There is literally no place for sentiment in any industry. And the last line makes no sense whatsoever.

  2. Mahendran

    Nope. Definitely without Vadivelu Tamil film industry is lacking of comedy..No one would deny this…This is not a right way to treat an actor like this…If Sundar C takes the initiative to give a chance to vadivelu, the bad situation might change….It’s not only authors concern…people who would love to watch good comedy scenes would agree with this…

  3. Nou

    Case in point, Sundar C doesn’t need to take the initiative. Business is business. If you are talking about personal sentiments, then Vadivelu is scum, who drank heavily and talked trash about others during this election. You make friends, with a nice personality, my friend. Not like Vadivelu. Which is why, the moment, they got the opportunity, people like Sundar C dumped him.

  4. lankan

    vadivelu is always the best comedian of Kollywood!!! no one could beat vadivals super hit comedies… and by the way just cause santhanam is being picked in many films doesn’t mean his comedy is hilarious… his comedy is mainly about being mad… btw vadivelu fkn awesome!!! Stupid Sundar C should take him back!!

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