Sun TVs strategic plan helps them out of Theeradha Villayattu Pillai Loss

Sun TV Theeradha Villayattu Pillai Loss
All Sun Pictures distributed films come with huge advertisements and are expected to be block buster’s, still Theeradha villayattu Pillai stands to be an exception. Hero Vishal and his brother Vikram Krishna are upset on this.

It is usual that once the Film is sold to Sun Pictures, all Producers can relax, and move to their next assignment, But Vishal nor Vikram krishna couldnt do that , When GK production sold the Movie to Sun Pictures they were quoted 14 crores, ( production cost was assumed to be 7 crores), Without any hesitation SUN Pictures too bought the movie, when asked how much can they earn from city and NSC rights, GK Production was fast enough to say, 7 crores.

Later Sun pictures played a strategic move after watching the movie preview by refusing to take the NSC and city distribution rights ,Vishal and GK Production were left with no option, they had to buy back the rights that too for a higher price. Now that the result is known,Vishal brothers are hoping to recover atleast the production cost.

Sun pictures have played safe without any loss, still their TV marketing has not worked out this time.


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