suma guha

Suma Guha suspects Tamil and Kannada producers for fake adult profile

suma guha

Suma Guha is baffled and upset. Holding a post graduation in genetic engineering and balancing a successful modeling career, her foray into Tamil cinema came through Arjun’s Durai. She comes from a well-to-do family with dad being a doctor, mom a teacher and brother an engineer too.

When she saw her photos filling up adult websites Suma almost broke down. She wasn’t aware until one of her good friends from Bengaluru dropped her e-mail informing that the modeling pics were being misused.  Suma has now launched a complaint with Mumbai police wanting to catch the mischief makers. “I saw my photos on the website of an escort agency in New Delhi. These people had taken my pictures and uploaded it on their websites and even change my name. They add my whole profile uploaded as Sonam Agarwal and there were even fake mobile numbers and other details present.”  Adds Suma,“It was really shocking to see and I have filed a complaint. I just want to tell my well-wishers that it’s not me and I’m being framed for no reason. My dignity is being maligned. Some time back I had offers from Tamil and Kannada and they wanted me to get some ‘favours’ done but I rejected them.  Maybe they wanted to teach me a lesson and decided to spoil my image publicly.” While the search is on, the Mumbai model makes a return to Tamil with the upcoming Veerapan flick Vana Yuddham and another project titled Attahasa.




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