Stone-pelting incident urges Vijay to enter Politics

Vijay at Nagapattinam Public Meet

Ilayathapathy Vijay’s fans are obviously upset at the stone-pelting incident which took place at the actor’s house few days back(Read More…). The house, belonging to Vijay, has been rented out to music director Vijay Antony. Miscreants threw stones at the house, sending painc among the in-mates of the house and creating wide-spread irritation among the actor’s fan-base.

Vijay was widely expected to take the plunge into the world of politics during the just-concluded elections to the State Assembly. As a prelude to entering politics, Vijay had held ectensive discussions with the members of his fans’ clubs. Bowing to consensus among fans, Vijay announced that the People’s Movement founded by Vijay would soon be converted into a political outfit. He even organized a public meeting in Nagapattinam to condemn the frequent attacks on Tamil Nadu fishermen by the Sri Lankan navy.

Yet, he soon backtracked on his decision even as his fans believed that his outfit would enter into ‘electoral understanding’ with the opposition AIADMK alliance. Instead, Vijay announced that his movement would be campaigning in favour of ‘Amma’ and that his father SAC would lead the campaign on his behalf.

The news that the house attacked belonged to Vijay was enough to spread unrest among his fans. Many organizers of those Fan Clubs have been urging him now to take the plunge into politics and ‘not delay it’ any further.

Vijay, meanwhile, is said to be consulting with his family and close circle of friends about his next mov(i)e!



  1. Director

    ingayum fans ah…… avanavan prachnaya avanavan paathupan….. unga sondha velaya modhalla paarungada adha vitutu., en hero dhan perusu un hero dhan perusunu sanda potutu manatha vangadhinga.. avan publicitykaga enna venalum panuvan adhuku neenga poola thookitu poi nikanuma., thitundhave matinga da… illiterate crooks

  2. illterate crook director

    neeyae kevalamana, asingamana comment pottu irukka…nee mathavangala illterate crook solluriyae unakku vekkama illa…first nee padichavan mathiri comment podu appuram nee mathavangala pathi pesu….

  3. Hero

    Vijay’s dad might have done this to make Vijay enter politics…Arasiyala edhelaam saadhaaranamapaa 🙂

    Thirutu pasanga… Stupid fans.,Evanalaam oru manushana mathikiraanunga.Enna Kodumai idhu

  4. Vasin

    Vijay is very slow in his interviews and speeches. He doesn’t have flair. He doesn’t look good; sometimes he looks under nourished. His father orchestrates everything. Vijay is modest but I don’t know if it is good or not; also guys one can pretend modesty. In cinema he is good sometimes like in Ghilli but for cinema you can prepare behind the scene so it would not reflect if you can be good in real life too. And he is married to a sri Lankan! And she is not a Hindu. If he wants to be a leader he must first respect the religion of people of Thamilnaadu so he should have married a Thamilnaadu Thamil Hindu girl. Vijay must not be a leader here. Cinema’oda niruthiko!

  5. shane

    Every person has his own mind to face challenges and to make decisions in life. everyone can say i will get the first rank. but only one person gets it. but always it will not be the same person. coming first. there will be a change. for sure.

    Positions are not born. but are made by men.

    same way vijay has and had made an announcement in political entry. not by himself. but with the support from the people and his fans. If he has drawn back for now. it doesnt mean that he should be forced into it. just for the sake to do it. todays sown seed doesnt become a tree tommorrow itself. but one day for sure.

    in that way vijay will stand up. and face it. for what he has planned and stepped into the ever challenging politics of tamil nadu. as its not a joke. and vijay knows and will surely have a plan of what he is doing.

    vijay. u will succeed for sure. as always ups and downs, success and failures are part of life. 

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