Srikanth paid only 25 lakhs for 3 Rascals

Srikanth paid 25 lakhs for 3 Rascals
Srikanth paid 25 lakhs for 3 Rascals

Srikanth one of the lucky Rascals from Shankar’s 3 Rascals has  reportedly been paid an amount of only Rs.25 lakhs for the Tamil and Telugu remakes of the original 3 idiots.

The news will come to many as a shocker for we know that the actor draws a handsome amount of 30 lakhs for his projects. And with a little bit of mathematics we guess that the actor  should be receiving at least 60 lakhs or so for both Tamil and Telugu combined together.

It is to be noted that Srikanth himself went to Gemini Film Circuit and offered his services for free. Considering the fact that he has being included in the movie and received the sum of 25 lakhs should be been seen as an act of generosity by the director and Gemini Film Circuit rather than writing it off as a cheap sign up.



  1. za

    my frnd u’d better try acting….u’ve be paid a penny….shut ur a…………..dont try to insult people….

  2. Vijay

    i am giting 25 cores. why are giving 25 lack to srikanth. he is worth only 2.5 cents. it is too much for his acting. he is like TV actor. do not give him 25 lacks. if he act in this movie, i will not act. ok? srikanth do some drams in TV.

  3. public

    yuck… can’t tolerate that he is acting in the movie.. 
    indha moonjiku .. nadikra latchanathukku… idhu podhum… 

  4. Vasin

    kaila sarakku iruntha konjam jasti kaekalam….ahna evanukku kailaiyum illa thalailayum illa….athu indha salary too much….

  5. hell

    YARUDA sonna vijay ku 25 cores nu andha thividiya payan ku 25 rupees podhum avan yenna periya ass attu ravana avan munjiki ku 25 rupees podhum srrikanth ku 5 ruba podhum ungala yellam yevanda  padam nadika sonnadhu

  6. mouse


  7. mouse

    IVANA KANDALE NAAN TV OFF PANNIDUVEN, there are some list of people he is one among them ( srikanth, prabhudeva, vijay kanth, gumbaloda govinda gang kovai sarala ramki roja vadivelu nasar, sundhar c, kushboo)

  8. Fragrance

    Ivanuku vaye jasthi periya ithu nu nenapu, i was an audiance for his 1st movie kinda liked him as a new face, but later on i didnt like his roles in movie and kinda felt like he is a peethikara type. then i totally hated him since his issue with his wife that came on news

  9. Vasin

    Unga list’la Srik different. His most good looking. Konjom shallow’ngrathu unmai than. But he is young. he will come good.

  10. Vasin

    Just now I finished watching ‘Mathya Chennai’. Drab. But the Hero is very good. Very Thamil looking and handsome and has a unique style of acting. Definitely an original and hard working guy. I wonder why we don’t see him often in movies.

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