Sri Devi’s short pants earns wrath of women’s organization


Yesteryear Kollywood face Sri Devi has been grabbing unwanted attention in the media. Recently her husband Boney Kapoor’s ex wife – Mona passed away and the funeral ceremony was carried out with every well known face in the industry attending the occasion. However Sri Devi herself was no were to be seen in vicinity.

Even though no tongues were raised, being absent from the funeral, it was her indulgence in some uncovering outfits that got friends and fans talking. The actress, spotted often with her daughter Jhanvi, is seen mingling with the glitterati often, hoping to launch her daughter big in the industry. Recently during the Lakme Fashion Week event in Mumbai, it was mommy Sri Devi who caught the attention of many going ultra glamorous for the eve. She was seen sporting a hugging top and a short pant, quite unlikely of women her age. Rightly so, Women’s organizations have come down heavy on the actress, disapproving of her fanciful look saying, “The dress she wore at the fashion event is   totally unbecoming of a mother. She is a mother of two teenage daughters and should have idea of what to wear and what not to wear.” Well it seems the cameramen did capture a desperate call for attention from the diva.


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