Sri Devi opines on pre marital sex

Sri Devi opines on pre marital sex

It’s been almost a 14 year long wait for all Sri Devi fans, as a voluptuous looking Sri marks her return with the movie titled English Vinglish, playing a middle class Indian housewife. When one of our sources asked Sri about her evergreen connection with the movies and her man Boney Kapoor the diva was all smiles, as she replied “Movies have been an integral part of my life and will continue to be. I cannot imagine a world without cinema. ” She further added, “Everyone needs to take a break once in a while and I was happy that I have a supporting family in my children and a loving husband who have been one of the reasons that I am making this comeback.”

But the wise Sri had a piece of advice for all those lovers out there, “Both of us, Boney and me are really happy how things have turned out after our marriage and love has been the binding factor. But what disturbs me is the fact that today’s youth do follow the trend of having a lot of affairs and even indulging in sex before marriage. I can’t even think of things like that even at this age. Don’t know how? They cope with it later on in their lives.”

Now we were just wondering if Sri was practicing her dialogues for her upcoming movie. What do you think Kollytalkers?




  1. june

    vasin, sex isn’t a game, pre-marital sex is wrong….your body is not the only thing god gave you, he also gave you a brain use it, boys by 11, and girls by 13, really what the hell man, sex is intimate, its important, giving it away to everybody is not advisable, why do you think HIV exists…if you’re really that crazy get off the computer and go to a brothel,

  2. Vasin

    I did go to brothels; I first had sex when I was in College but I know I could have had it at 11. If you don’t have experience then your girl would say you can’t do it well; be rational.

  3. june

    you don’t jjudge people on how well you do it….sex isn’t a test run thambi……….ur to stupid and niave to understand poor boy

  4. kumar

    june i appreciate iam very proud of you really, what is in my mind you have said kindly give me your contact email please

  5. june

    ‘ccoz he reposts the comments anyway, and even if we do flag him, kollytalk won’t take it off immediately

  6. lam

    V-ass-in, if u have sisters or brothers ask them to have sex before 11 or 13 also plesae follow the same to your childrens in future. i believe if they have other gene defenetely they will have some better thoughts, else its there fate and will have bad and worst thoughts like u, if u r mentally disorder or disturbed please avoid systems. 

  7. june

    lam do you really think he would get a girlfriend with that attitude, or a family at that…they probably ran away when he was born. LOL

  8. lam

    u r right,i dont think so..I think he/she might be a gay, so that would be the reason, having bad opinion about society.

  9. htt

    not when he was born..probably when he was 11, he was trying to have sex with his family members so they may have ran away from him or could have kicked him out …hahhahahhahah 😀

  10. Smile

    @Vasin….WHAT???As early as 11 and 13??Aiyo paavi! Kozhandhai pillaingala poi…..vaile ketta ketta varthaiya varudhu.Please don’t come and stand infront of us.One thing is guarenteed if u do so.You will not return to ur country in one piece.U know what?U definitely need to see a Psychiatrist.You need treatment.Are u a Psycho??Perhaps,ur GF ditched u and so u r depressed and that’s y u r behaving like a maniac.Hey,are u like that “Nadunisi Naigal”guy???Who knows?Arghhhhhh…….odidu Smile!!!

  11. Vasin

    Hey Smile, Ingellam a significant proportion of 13 year girls have sex experience. When I was 11 I had sex feelings. Enna ippo 13, 11 la pudichu kalyanam panni veyyunga na elthinen nanu?

  12. Anti-Vasin

    Hey all……. vidungappa… ullagathukay theriyum… Vasin oru kena koo….. loosu gaboothinu………….!!!

  13. Smile

    @Vasin…Karrr thu!
    Ennamo Chessle Vishwanathan anandkooda modhi,jayichu gold medal vangita madhiridhan.
    Panradhey managketta pozhapu edhule vera perumai.
    Your information is very disgusting not kind.

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