Sona to take a break from acting in films

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Sexy Sona Heiden appears to be feeling like a haunted woman. The actress, whose oomph factor had bagged her many film offers including the successful Ko, found herself in trouble after filing a case of ‘sexual harassment’ against producer-turned-playback singer Charan, son of legendary playback singer S.P. Balasubramaniam.

Sona took part in a party organized to celebrate the super-success of Mankatha at actor Vaibhav’s T. Nagar residence which was also attended by director Venkatprabhu, his brother and actor Premgi Amaren, Charan, Vaibhav and many others. Sona, emerging form the party a few hours later, alleged that Charan tried to ‘rape’ her in front of the on-lookers present at the party and filed a case at the Pondy Bazaar Police Station.

The police, on their part, conducted preliminary investigation into the allegations even as conciliatory talks were initiated with the actress by Charan’s side. SPB even went to the hospital where Sona was taking rest after getting admitted there on complaints of chest pain. Sona, it appears, was adamant that she would keep mum only after a public letter of apology by Charan.

Sources say that Sona was reportedly ‘pressurized’ by the police as well as those within the industry to withdraw her complaint lest face ban from the industry. Following this, Sona said the very next day that Charan had sent her a letter of apology and that she had decided to ‘apologize’ him. Saying that she had been completely ‘stressed’ out by the turn of events, Sona left for an undisclosed location abroad for complete rest.

Says Sona: “No woman should face what I faced in the past week or so. I was humiliated and intimidated to the maximum extent possible. Now that the matter has come to a close, I’m discussing with my lawyers about taking back my complaint. In order to take proper rest, I have decided to stay away from films for a considerable period of time and would come back when I bury the past and feel rejuvenated!”



  1. Smile

    Break a???Nee quit pannalum yevanum yeanu oru varthai kooda kekka mattan.Ellarum un mela kadupule erukange.Inge erundha aalunga kitta odhapaduveanu unakku theriyum adhan ooravittu odaporey.Ennamo pannu.Aana anga poi edhe madhiri avan anga thottan,inga pudichanu innoru case vandhadhu,gokka makka ellarum kaari thupuvom….

  2. Smile

    Hi.Ur the 2nd person in KT to ask….Nope…I am not a tamilian but I can speak Chennai,Madurai and Coimbatore slangs….

  3. CT

    Sona’s better – but the poorest prostitute is th wife os Ajith – she suffered a lot in prostitution as her family forced her into it. Out of sympathy, Ajith throws her free food and space – u shitty south indian bastards dont have any shame ..its only kept as a beggar with free food and space and NOT as any family memeber…

  4. sm

    Smile is worst than Sona coz we still dont know who is to be blamed for such a rumor. How can she say Sona was wrong??????

  5. kt

    Smile had commented using a new ID rk to create an image that people have started liking her comments since Vasin had left. Go get a life old lady.

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