Sona Heiden prefers to stand naked on the road

Sona Heiden prefers to stand naked on the road

“I’d rather stand naked on the road rather than cook up stories on someone misbehaving with me.” As shocking as it may sound those were the exact words, Miss South India (2002) Sona Heiden retorted when questioned about her claim to fame regarding the SPB Charan controversy. She further added, “I am not that cheap” (whoops!…..).Her spat with Jr. SPB saw Sona going to the extent of threatening the man with a day 10 day ultimatum for being sexually assaulted and later trying to stage a protest.

 Howsoever the matter had been settled with intervention of common friends and a little bit police intervention. After the whole episode Sona headed to a rejuvenation trip to the Malaysian nation and spent her time stitching and cooking ( Now those are the 2 best reasons to take a trip to a foreign country…“I just want to stitch in Malaysia”…kewl).  She returned back to homeland last Friday and has been trying to get back on the track. But as she gets her own life on track one thing she is proud of is sending across the right message to the youth of the nation, “Stand up for what’s right and speak out against what’s wrong ” , seems to be Sona’s strong message for the young ones.

Yeah sure Sona point noted …..(if only our pen was working).


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  1. june

    A girl who lives by selling her dignity is talking about standing up for being completely moral??? engeyo idikkithae!

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