Sneha ready for Bikini Show

Sneha in bikini

Actress Sneha appears unperturbed by the drubbing her last film ‘Bhavani IPS’ took at the box-office. The film, diretcted by Kichchaa and which had Sneha playing a courageous woman cop (on the lines of yesteryear’s actress Vijaya Shanti), nosedived at the box-office, putting paid to whatever little hopes Sneha might have entertained to continue to do ‘action films’ in future.

She has completed more than a decade in Tamil films since debuting as Prashanth’s heroine in ‘Virumbigiraen’. Known as a ‘homely actress’ who mostly prefers girl-nex-door kind of characters, Sneha has so far desisted from playing glamourous roles, though she did look sexy enough in films like ‘Pandi’ and ‘Silambattam’.

Presently in Hyderabad to shoot for a Telugu film, Sneha took time out to speak to press-persons during the break. “I’ve been here (in films) for a decade now and have managed to create an ‘image’ for me. So far, I have resisted the temptation of appearing in glamour-filled roles as producers and directors have always cast me only in ‘homely’ characters.

“It’s not that I am averse to donning biking in films. The script is very important for me; it it so demands, I would put on the bikini. I hope to make a mark in Telugu films,” said Sneha.

Directors, are you listening?



  1. Usha Parvathi

    who wants to see ur flesh bulging out in bikini? go get a sexy body first before thinking abt wearing one..

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