Sneha: No one touched my hips at Erode


Punnagai Arasi Sneha, needs no reason  to call for a press meet and keeps herself on the  news covers, and this time its a  confusing press meet where she makes a  counter claim to her own claim.

Well Sneha had claimed last month that somebody touched her hips  “Recently I was in Erode  for a inauguration function. When  a teen who was atleast ten years younger to  me tried to touch me near the hips.  It was then I warned him saying that he is like my  younger brother and  should not do such thing. Also the staff s warned the teen and sent him away

Now her revived  latest claim is  “I only advised one of the fans, who was among the many in a hurry to get themselves photographed with me, to take it easy. It’s unfortunate that the issue had been blown out of proportions, If at all  someone had actually touched  my hips, I would not have left him go Scot-free, I  would have slapped him hard across the face,” .

While speaking about her role in  ‘Bhavani IPS’, she says , “For Bhavani I.P.S., I’ve  been involved with many  action sequences and  even had to indulge in some ‘real’ fighting. In real life too, I had hit many persons but can’t reveal their names at this juncture(laughss).  More special in the movie is I have even uttered  a punch dialogue , It goes like this:  ‘Aambalaiya irundhaalum pombalaiya irundhaalum, Police policedhaandaa….’

“Why can’t heroines utter ‘punch’ dialogues? Let me be the trend-setter in this regard,” concluded Sneha.



  1. Vasin

    Athepdi onga manasile cinema kaaran ellam ayokyan’gra maathriri print potrika? Politicians’a sonna athla unmai irku but ean actors cinama kaarangala pathi kevalama pesareenga?

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