Sneha Prasanna

Sneha and Prasanna’s honeymoon postponed

Sneha Prasanna

Now husband and wife, Sneha-Prassana, do have some plans unchecked in their personal calendar. The glitzy couple got married on May 11th, receiving blessings and a perfect wedding gift from Thalaivar Rajinikanth too. Busy with their filmy commitments soon after marriage, it’s hard for them to find time for each other.

Sneha who signed up for GNR Kumaravelan Haridas, dropping Rajini’s biggie Kochadaiyaan,  still has her shoots to be completed. The marriage preparations had her portions scheduled to a later date. Picking up from where she left, Sneha’s got a really interesting role in Haridas. Revolving around the relationship of an eight year old son and a father, the actress has a significant role for which she started shooting in March. It was between the shoots that her fans came to know about her Achamundu Achamundu romance with Prasanna blooming to an all-new level. She started Haridas in March and in just a few days the movie gets wrapped up,with her portions done. Tinsel town is abuzz about the actress and her hubby Prasanna heading to USA, where they fell in love shooting for the Achamundu movie. However they can’t leave for the foreign country without getting over with their movie commitments. As Sneha’s Haridas gets ready for July, the couple decided to postpone their honeymoon trip to a later date.



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