Sizzling Jasmin is excited about her role in Vaanam

Jasmin Bhasin

The case of actress Jasmin Bhasin, who would be debuting as Simbu’s heroine in his upcoming multi-starrer ‘Vaanam’, is a strange one indeed. The actress, who first did the ‘photo-shoot’ to play a rockstar in the film but was later turn down, has now rebounced to play the heroine, replacing the more established Sneha Ullaal.

Ask her how she landed up the plum role of Simbu’s heroine and she smiles and says, without sounding clichéd, that it was by sheer accident that she got her role. “Director Krish happened to spot me in one of the advertisements I had done and called me over for the audition. Soon after the audition, they were candid enough to inform me that I looked too innocent and ‘homely’ and wouldn’t fit into the role of rockstar.

“I forgot the episode till I got a call from Krish a few months later who asked me to fly down to Chennai immediately. Within hours of meeting him, he confirmed that I would indeed be playing Simbu’s heroine,” says Bhasin and apparently to avoid any controversy, adds in haste that she is unaware whether she has replaced Sneha in the film. “I play Pooja, a bubbly and lively character who’s in love with Simbu (in the film),” she quips.

“My character is a realistic one of a girl who goes by what her heart says and seldom listens to her mind. She is in her late teens, a brash girl and doesn’t care much about what others have to say. Krish had given me the dialogues well in advance and I memorized all those dialogues and emoted well (hopefully) when the shooting took place; in fact, I have dubbed in my own voice for my role in the film,” concludes Bhasin.

The pretty Jasmin also a couple of Telugu projects up her sleeve. She plans to do more movies in Tamil with the likes of Simbu and Suriya. “Of late, I have started watching many films of Suriya,” she confides.


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