Singer Sudha Raghunathan to debut in movies

Sudha Raghunathan
Sudha Raghunathan

Most of the Carnatic singers keep away from making music for cinemas as they think it is a very commercial medium, many others don’t think capturing a piece of music for once and for all on tape can bring out the everlasting beauty in the piece.Some are open minded and ready to enter an d experiment with new mediums.

As Director Vasanth’s is geared up with his next film titled Nadai Udai Bavanai we also here there is something special for all the Carnatic music enthusiasts.Eminent vocalist Sudha Ragunathan will debut as a music composer in the movie folks. The singer who earlier tried her stint at playback singing and gave us unforgettable numbers with Anal Mele Panithuli in Vaaranam Aayiram was appreciated by the audience.Nadai Udai Bavanai is interwoven with three love stories that conclude together. There are also unconfirmed reports of Priyamani acting in the movie too which will begin in May.

If everything goes according to plans,

We can be hopeful for an illustrious cast in the movie.Our best wishes to Sudha ma’am for this venture.



  1. Vasin

    She is impressive. I once saw her photo with Thrisha; she looked better overshadowing Thrisha. I prefer girls who boldly expose but I like Sudha too; a very confident sexy woman.

  2. Alien ( Shame to b in this world)

    Yes Vasin i agree wit u r point. The way she sung Annal Malae its mind blowing. u rock sudha.

  3. Urvashi

    Tamil Cinema has always had rich musical heritage starting from Thyagaraya Bhagvadhar. Thanks to all those Carnatic crooners.

    I love the Margazhi or December Fetivals in the Marina beach. Without these Carnatic musicians, Tamil films would not have had such rich heritagae to boast about….

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