Simran plays mother to 44-year old Upendra

Simran to play mother of upendra

The kind of roles that are offered to actresses who attempt a vain comeback after marrying and giving birth to child(ren) can be very disheartening indeed. The 30-plus Simran, who once ruled the roost as the leading heroine in the early part of the last decade and starred opposite all the big guns such as Suriya, Vijay and Ajith, finds herself in an unenviable position indeed.

Once referred to as S(l)imran for her slender frame, the actress who is now a mother, has put on oodles of weight around the once-slender waist of hers which she gamely flaunted in almost all of her films. She was paired opposite Suriya in one of his triple roles in Gautham Menon’s Vaaranam Aayiram in a role which resembled the looks women sported in the sixties.

She then did a few more films which didn’t fetch her any good name and quietly slipped out of contention as she said she didn’t want to play ‘mother’ roles as she wasn’t an ‘aged’ actress. She then landed up the offer of hosting a popular game show Jackpot on Jaya TV, which was once hosted by actress Khushboo prior to her joining the DMK. Simran reportedly brushed up her Tamil pronunciation and diction to a great extent in order to prepare herself for hosting the show.

She has now agreed to play mother to Upendra, the 50-year old hero, in a Telugu film. Readers might recall that Upendra played a major role of a cop-turned-villain in the Vishal-starrer Sathyam a few years back. It’s highly surprising that Simran has agreed to play mother to a hero who is more than 15 years older to him while she refused to play on-screen ‘mother’ to many of her contemporary heroes in Kollywood.

Our little bird tells us that an unusually ‘heavy’ pay-packet did the trick!



  1. usha

    Upendra is 44 yrs old and Simran is 35. So that makes him only 9 years elder than her. And Upendra is a Kannada actor, not Telugu.

    And if the article is mentioning abt the film Godfather, Simran was supposed to play heroine in the movie but opted out since she is pregnant. Sadha replaced her.

    I’d rather be the writer of kollytalk.

  2. Reena


    Are you the hater of Kollytalk? I have seen your criticism in many comments. Why can’t you take up a job in Kollytalk as a writer/editor, so that we can enjoy error-free articles..

  3. me

    this website needs to change their writers. Firstly, the writing is subjective and offends women in general! She is a mother, it is normal for her to gain weight…don’t stigmatize those that are not part of the norm!

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