Poda Podiu Audio launched

Simbu’s Podaa Podi audio released without fanfare,, why?

Poda Podiu Audio launched
Poda Podiu Audio cds

The audio-launch of as many as four films was slated to be held at Chennai on Wednesday (10th October). While the audio-launches in respect of the Vijay-Kajal Aggarwal starrer Thuppakki, Seenu Ramasamy’s Vishnu-Sunaina starrer Neerparavai and another film titled Vijayanagaram were held as per schedule, audio-launch of Simbu’s upcoming film Podaa Podi was cancelled at the eleventh hour.

Though the formal audio-launch was cancelled, the audio cassettes and CDs of Poda Podi had already been sent to leading music stores in the market. Queries made with the Unit of the film revealed that our very own Simbu was behind the cancellation of the much-publicized audio-launch.

Readers may be aware that Simbu took ages to complete the shoot of Nemichand Jabak’s Podaa Podi which is also  Varalakshmi Sarathkumar’s debut film as heroine. Even as Jabak finally got into the process of releasing the film and arranged for the audio-launch as a prelude to its theatrical release, it seems that Simbu wanted his Vaalu (launched only a couple of months back) to release on Deepavali.

Jabak was livid with rage when Simbu asked him to ‘hold back’ the release of Podaa Podi so that he could release his Vaalu (produced by S.S. Chakravarthy of Nic Arts) on Deepavali. Jabak went ahead and fixed the date of the audio-launch of Poda Podi but was stumped by Simbu who told him that he might not be able to attend the function. Jabak didn’t think twice before cancelling the whole event.

Jabak, who has sent the cassettes and CDs to music shops, is quite intent in ensuring the Poda Podi hits the screens on Deepavali day at any cost. It remains to be seen as to what Simbu does to counter it!

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    Please throw this idiot from the film industry, who always troubles the producers, co-artists.I don’t know what made them still to invite this fellow to act in films who doesn’t know even to act nicely !!!!

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